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Reatil POS Software

Retail POS Software


ezyPOS Retail for groceries & supermarkets is a complete point of sale solution. We provide hardware, software, networking, payment options and technical support for your grocery & supermarket. Retail POS software is suitable for Supermarkets, Groceries, General Stores, Departmental Stores, Boutiques, Mobile Shops, Fruits & Vegitable Shops, Hardware Shops and Electronic Stores.

ezyPOS Retail is an easy to software, training cashiers on our point of sale takes about 10 minutes. It’s built for new and experienced grocers alike.

The inventory managing back end software is one of the best software available in Doha, Qatar. The system features a multitude of tools to make inventory management easy and accurate at all times. In addition to these, the system is capable of organizing the items with low inventory thresholds on a printable report. Such are the capabilities that will ensure that you never run out of stock unknowingly. With this system in your shop, the inventory will be automatically updated after every sale. ezyPOS Retail instantly displays last purchase details, auto-fill last prices, and separate classification for each purchase and to track and monitor good and bad business associates. It also helps to create a correct master when you are adding new products.

Retail point of sale is built to support all the peripherals needed in grocery. This includes scanners, scales and price checkers. Our POS solutions are designed for speed and reliability at the checkstand. In its functioning, the tool allows you to handle returns and or refunds more efficiently. Every transaction is easy, quick, and reliable.

Our installation specialists will come to your store. We’ll get your scanner/scales, pin-pads, and point of sale units set up – so you don’t have to.


Features at glance

  • Quick & Easy Billing
  • Multi mode payment option
  • Credit Sales & Repayments
  • Department Sales
  • Live Stock
  • Bill Hold
  • Pay In & Pay Out Options
  • Loyalty & Discounts
  • User Administration
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Smart Menu Alignment Tool
  • Multiple KOT Option
  • Recipe Handling
  • Outstanding Reports
  • POS User Management
  • Menu Colour Settings
  • Quick Check Out
  • Purchase Handling
  • Part Payments
  • General Administration